Privacy Policy

Haste is a search utility for macOS, developed and administered by Plastic Software Inc. ("we", "us", "our"). We wrote this Privacy Policy to explain in detail our respect of your privacy by describing what kind of data we do (or do not) collect, why we do so, and how we treat it, as clearly as possible.

To put it plainly,

We neither collect your private data nor any data that can identify who you are via Haste or its Safari Extension. We do not collect any information about your browsing or search histories. We collect some statistical data via the app so that we can improve it and serve you better, as detailed below;

Data we collect: 1. Statistical information about the usage of Haste

We use a service called Google Analytics for Firebase provided by Google Inc. (with no advertisement related features enabled), to collect and analyze statistical information about the usage of Haste, such as the type of device / operating system the app is installed on, or whether a particular feature of the app is frequently used, etc. We refer to those information only as a guide to improve the app. We will not sell or disclose those information to any third parties.
(The use policy of Google Analytics for Firebase can be found here.)

Data we collect: 2. Crash logs

Similarly, we use a service called Firebase Crashlytics provided by Google Inc., to collect crash logs that are sent from Haste when the app has crashed for any unexpected reasons. We will look at those crash logs to get insights about why it occurred or how we could fix the problem. The crash log is anonymous and does not contain information that can identify who you are. We use the information only as a guide to resolve the problems. We will not sell or disclose those information to any third parties.
(The terms of service for Firebase Crashlytics can be found here.)

Opting out the usage and crash reports

Since Haste is not sending any usage and crash reports described above yet, currently there is no need for opting them out. We will provide information on how to opt in/out the reporting when the feature has been introduced to the app.

Regarding information you provide to us voluntarily,

During communication between you and us about your inquiry via email and such, there may be a case where you provide us with some personal information (name, email address etc.). In such cases, we will use the information that we obtained from you only to respond to the inquiry.