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Booklover does not open on my iPad Pro 2018!

There was an issue where Booklover failed to launch on the new iPad Pro (2018) models released on November 7th 2018. It will be fixed by updating to the latest version of Booklover (2.6.7).

I cannot find the "Booklover" folder in iCloud Drive! (2018-07-12)

If you cannot see the "Booklover" folder in iCloud Drive (which should be created by the app automatically), please try the following steps.

  1. Select an arbitrary book via the top-right "Select" in the Library.
  2. Tap "Action(Share)" button at the bottom right (the one with an arrow sticking from a box).
  3. Tap "Relocate to iCloud Drive".
  4. The book will be moved (relocated) to iCloud Drive. The "Booklover" folder will be automatically created in iCloud Drive at the same time.
  5. From then on, files in the "Booklover" folder will be synced.

The book you have moved to iCloud Drive can be moved back to Local (device) by selecting the book again in the Library, and tap "Relocate to Local" in the Action(Share) menu.

I have created a folder named "Booklover" in iCloud Drive, but my files in the folder do not get synced! (2018-07-12)

Please do not create the folder by yourself. It should be created automatically by the app when you have installed Booklover 2.6.0 or later.

The automatically-created "Booklover" folder should have a little Booklover icon on it when viewed in the Files app of iOS.

If you cannot find the folder, it may be because of the bug in the version 2.6.0. Please try the steps described in the question above. We will try to fix the issue and make sure that the "Booklover" folder will be always created automatically in the future versions.

My book files in the "Booklover" folder in iCloud Drive do not get synced! (2018-07-07)

If iCloud Drive synchronization stopped for unknown reasons, trying either or both of the followings may solve the problem.

  • Turning iCloud Drive off once and then turning it back on in the iOS "Settings" on your device.
  • Restarting the device

(It may take a while before iCloud Drive start synchronizing after you have turn it back on. Please also see the question below.)

My book files in the "Booklover" folder in iCloud Drive do not get synced after I have enabled iCloud Drive. (2018-07-07)

It may take a while before iCloud Drive start synchronizing your files first time after you have enabled it. (It could take more than 30 minutes according to our tests.) You can check if your files has got synced in the Files app (in iOS 11+).

The app crashes at startup on iPhone X!

Ver 2.5.5 has an issue where the app crashes if user authentication with Face ID is enabled. We have fixed the issue in Ver. 2.5.6.  Please update, sorry for the inconvenience!

I cannot download RAR/CBR files from Google Drive (They're grayed out and NOT selectable)

We think that this is because of a problem (or possibly a spec change) in the Document Provider Extension of Google Drive app (Version 4.14.161011 as of this item is written), for the following reasons;

  • The problem is NOT seen with Document Provider Extension from other services (e.g. Dropbox, Amazon Drive)
  • The problem is NOT seen in the Google Drive app itself (It is seen only when it is called from the other app via the Extension)

We have reported about the problem to Google. We are also considering a way to access the files without relying on the Document Provider Extensions.

RAR/CBR files are grayed out and NOT selectable (Goolge Drive)

Document Provider Extension: A feature of iOS which enables an app to access to files/documents in other apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. By utilizing the feature, Booklover downloads files 'via' the apps provided by those cloud storage service providers.

What is a DRM-free eBook?

eBooks sold by online bookstores such as Amazon are usually with DRM (Digital Rights Management), which restricts them to be accessed only by their specific applications or devices. However, there are many stores or organizations that sell or publish them with no DRM imposed on them. Those DRM-free eBooks can be viewed freely on any devices or applications as long as they are compatible with the file format of the book. We expect that there will be more and more sellers or publishers who provide such DRM-free eBooks in the future, just like in the music market. With Booklover, you can currently view DRM-free eBooks in PDF format, or ones in CBZ(ZIP)/CBR(RAR) that has sequential image files archived in them.

Can I view a book in ePub format with Booklover?

Not yet with the current version we are afraid.

Can I have status/settings/metadata of my eBooks in Booklover synced among my other devices?

Not yet with the current version we are afraid.

I cannot see the cloud storage service I use when I tapped the Download icon in the Library toolbar.

You need an app provided by your cloud storage service installed on the device to download a book from your cloud storage service in Booklover. For example, if you have your files stored in Dropbox, download and install the Dropbox app from the App Store. Tap the Download icon again after having installed the compatible app. Now you should be able to see the name of the service/app on the list.

I cannot download a file from my cloud storage service.

Currently, a file is first downloaded by the app provided by your cloud storage service (ex. The OneDrive app if you use Microsoft OneDrive). Booklover obtains the file via the app after it has completed the download (Document Provider Extension). Therefore, there are cases where the download is unsuccessful due to a temporary problem with the service, or possibly to an issue with that app. Another common reason for an unsuccessful download is the unstable network conditions at the time. In that case, trying again after some time may resolve the problem.