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The default custom search for Amazon does not work. [2019-3-30]

Amazon seemed to have changed the URL format for item search. Please update the URL Template of the custom search to "https://www.amazon.com/s?k=@haste" (Change the part of "amazon.com" to the domain of Amazon in your country repectively.), or download the latest one(s) from the "Custom Search Downloads" → "Shopping and Auction" and replace the old with it.

The default Maps (App) custom search does not work. [2018-09-26]

Please update the URL Template of the custom search to "maps://maps.apple.com/?q=@haste", or download the latest one from the "Custom Search Downloads" → "Applications" and replace the old with it.

I have enabled the Haste Safari Extension. However, selected text in Safari is not auto-inserted into the field of the Haste Search Window.

In that case, reload the current page in Safari and try again. In particular, please note that Safari App Extensions do not seem to work on pages you opened before the extension was enabled. Please reload them and try again.

Haste Safari Extension is not removed from Preferences/Extensions in Safari even after uninstalling Haste.

To remove the Safari Extension, delete ALL instances of "Haste.app" (or "Haste-beta.app" for beta versions) files from your computer and restart Safari. (It took us a while to figure this out!)

I am worried reading the message displayed under Haste Safari Extension in Safari Preferences/Extensions.

It is a generic message from Apple warning about the possibility of malicious usage of Safari Extension in general. Haste does not perform any of the malicious activities mentioned in the message. Please see our Privacy Policy for details.